it is a friendly cartoon of the colleague

  • DDE(f) /Dmitry D. Emelyanov/ is a Russian artist who work in the miniature sculpture technique.

  • He born in 6 December 1967 in Leningrad(now St.-Peterburg, Russia).

  • DDE(f) has no special art education. All that he have in art experience - he have reached himself. DDE(ft) is self-made-man.

  • Since 1992 DDE(f) has been working in miniature sculpture sticking to traditional methods, using no optical or mechanical tools, varnishing wood miniatures self-made lacquers based on natural materials.

  • DDE(f) use rare and other wood, Mastodon tusk - bone of relic Elephant(lived more than 14000 years back), ceramic, metal, etc. . Also DDE(ft) make the Micro-Tools for work in miniature sculpture of various materials .

  • Unfortunately 6 December 2001 at eleven o'clock in the morning when DDE(f) work on the power equipment (the electric machine tool) right hand of DDE(f) has got in working machine tool (because of bad orientation in space, during heart attack). Unfortunately the surgeon had to remove a part of a finger of the right hand.

  • Please be patient to time of work Dmitry /DDE(f)/ if you wish make any order - his hand not so nice for work still...

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