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DDE(f) is a Russian self-taught woodcarver specializing in carving religious miniatures in wood (especially pear and boxwood), ivory (mastodon tusk), and other materials using miniature hand tools he makes himself.  He carves in the traditional manner and uses no optical or mechanical aids.  He also works in ceramics and metals, but woodcarving is his favorite.

DDE(f) was born in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1967 and is currently employed at Yaroslav-The-Wise Novgorod State University where he makes awards and souveniers for the University.

DDE(f) joined the National Wood Carvers Association last year and his carving of "A Small Wood Cross",  pictured on the right and which was carved especially for them, is featured on the cover of the Jan-Feb 2000 Issue of Chip Chats Magazine  Vol. 47, No. 1.   DDE(f) is also showing in the James Baird Gallery in Canada.  

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Image "A Small Wood Cross" (18 x 15 x5cm) by DDE(f)
Image "Mother of God" (115x75x9mm) by DDE(f)
"St George Victorious" (3cm x 3cm) by DDE(f)


"St George the Victorious" (39x44x8mm) by DDE(f)

Altar "Epiphany" (130x108x40mm) by DDE(f)
"Jesus on Towel"  (45x35x10mm) by DDE(f)
Icon"Holy Trinity" (44x73x9mm) by DDE(f)



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